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​​​​What Others are Saying about Heaven's Postcards

Kim this is an awesome book. Several times I choked back the tears because my

friend's son died about a year ago. He was 22. I want her to read this book. God

is so good. Thank you for giving the book to LaToya to read. This book will touch

the hearts of many. Thank you for sharing your special story.

I loved this book! Very touching and uplifting!

Kim, when I found your book on Amazon and one of the reviews listed a website,

I came here only to be totally taken back by your picture with Zach and his picture.

I can't wait to read this book and I bought one for mom. You never cease to amaze me with your talents, faith, and willingness to share your strengths with the people around you. I am in awe of your inner power to write about this event in your life(I almost called it a tragedy, but I know you don't see it that way when you speak of the peace from your love of Zach and God and how they return it to you each day). You are a powerful and awesome woman and I am so proud to be related to you!! You are my mentor, my friend, and my cousin and that makes me blessed multiple times over. Thank you for sharing your beautiful heart with the rest of us.
Always loving you, Teri Terry

I read your whole book in 1 day my son brandon died in an auto accident at age 20 3 and 1/2 yrs ago i too see hawks everyday and have gotten the same signs from God i am glad i am not crazy and other mothers have seen them too God Bless
Kathy Ackerman

This book is an inspiration to all of those who dont know that God sends signs in the form of Nature! It takes a great amount of courage and strength to be able to tell your tragic story by using the tramatic experience and great loss in your life to inspire and help others! I purchased this book for a family member in need of reading the signs from their deceased son. I am a true beleiver in "Signs" and the "Spirit" world. Instead of fearing death, I now look to the Heavens above and embrace it knowing that on the other side, is a beautiful place with loved ones awaiting our arrivals to God's beautiful and serene place.. Home.

I thought the book was really great. I am a great believer in signs and I do believe you are given many signs from nature in your life if you are only open to them. I can understand why this book would be extremely important to someone grieving for a lost one. It's also interesting your perspective on Zach's death actually being better for him. It's easy for the ones left behind to want them to be alive (our attachment) but as you realized, it would have not been the way Zach would want to live. It's hard to accept what may be best when one is hurting so much. Your book will help to heal people and help them through the grieving process.

We rec'd the book a few days ago. I started it this morning. I planned on just reading a few pages but I couldn't put it down. It is a very beautiful book!


You touch the heart of all who you meet and will meet with your strength and wisdom to trust in God first and formost.. This book is so inspiring to anyone who reads it..God has touched you to have let you write this book to help other who have had a great loss like you and your family has had.

An inspirations read, I was taken by the love of a family you could feel from the words. So many parts i could relate to also. Thank you Kim for giving us this gift.

This book is so inspiring! God is so good!!!!!! My prayer is that many people will come to know God through this touching story! I love you Kim and I miss you! Talk to you soon.
Pepper Smith